Live Wedding Painting by Artist Jay Flores

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  • Custom Size Gallery Wrapped Premium Canvas
  • Premium "Liquitex" and "Uni-Posca" Acrylics
  • Premium "Liquitex" varnish to ensure lifetime paint protection

So we have it all figured out! We have talked about the most magical backdrop you'd like me to paint, and we have decided on that perfect moment you want me to capture so that you and yours can be remembered of the love you had for each other. We have gone over all sorts of neat things like an engagement painting, and other ideas that are too cool to share with others.

Our next step is to start ponying up the dough. Your first payment will be the $1,500. And then your final payment will be due 2 weeks before your wedding. After you make your first payment you will have access to download the "Live Painting Agreement". Please complete it an email back to me asap. Once I get the completed agreement back, I can start on your free engagement painting which I will mail to you within 2 weeks.

Please note, the $1,500 is the installment amount and once the payment is processed it will be deducted from the total cost of your live wedding painting.

If you have not contacted me yet, please click HERE to begin or ask questions about the process.



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